In the new world of digital economy, cybersecurity management is one of the foremost challenges for companies and organisations. Unfortunately, technological threats now form part of our day to day, and even more so when we are dealing with sensitive business information, making cybersecurity consulting a priority for any business.

Knowing the real level of security and protection of a company is key to staying one step ahead of cyberattacks. An organisation can reap the benefits by implementing different information and cybersecurity management systems. These benefits include the preservation of confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information, and the control of regulatory compliance.

Likewise, a well-planned cybersecurity solution helps a company to apply a risk management process, have control over information assets, and avoid possible vulnerabilities and deliberate threats, taking advantage of competent intrusion detection systems.

Security audit

The Avanti21 Cybersecurity Audit Service provides an independent and objective assessment of the Security Status of your organisation’s Information Systems.

By identifying your critical information, analysing risks, and studying vulnerabilities, our security audit helps you foresee and prevent cybersecurity incidents that could cause financial loss and damage to your brand image.

As a result of the evaluation, the audit service provides your company with a report in which possible vulnerabilities and security flaws are identified. Finally, guided measures are proposed to meet the objective of correcting any vulnerabilities found and preventing any possible future weaknesses from occurring.

Vulnerability test / Status report

Our purpose is to detect and subsequently correct any failures, vulnerabilities, and attack vectors in your company. Furthermore, as cybersecurity specialists, we aim to prevent any future external intrusions, improve the security of Information Systems, and create a safer work environment because at Avanti21, we believe that cybersecurity must be dealt with using a holistic approach.

When we address cybersecurity, we take into consideration the people, the processes, and the technology at your company. A vulnerability assessment identifies security flaws in the IT department and in specific applications, serving as a parameter to assess risks and promote changes, pursuing more secure structures.

The analysis also helps to understand the technological structure of the company and to mature said structure in terms of information security. All of this helps reduce the likelihood of a successful virtual attack.

Instrusion test

Our certified Ethical Hacking specialists use the same tactics as cybercriminals to obtain the maximum level of access possible to the company, within the agreed time frame. A detailed report is prepared on all access obtained and the methodology which was applied to out these procedures.

Forensic analysis

We can provide expert advice, extract electronic evidence (digital and telematic), preserve, investigate, present, and prepare reports and opinions. Furthermore, we are experts in the prevention, detection and investigation of economic crimes, fraud, and other cybercrimes.


Hardening offers the correct implementation of security policies, reducing vulnerabilities in the affected systems.

At Avanti21 we believe it is necessary to implement hardening measures to all the company’s equipment, making it as secure as possible. These measures are a key part of cybersecurity services and we apply them not only to the servers, but to all devices used in your company.

Strategy and gobernance

IT Governance is the alignment of Information and Communication Technologies (IT) with business strategy, sharing the goals and strategy of a company through all departments. It provides the best use of technology alongside organisational structures to achieve those goals.


Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) is a support centre equipped with a set of complementary, modular, and scalable solutions designed to provide customers with the ability to anticipate, detect and respond to advanced threats. All of that, along with robust cybersecurity solutions to mitigate the risks, and an efficient management of your clients with ICT vulnerabilities.

Our monitoring and analysis services help establish the cybersecurity management you need to monitor operations 24/7. We provide these services from a dedicated Security Operations Centre that is either internally operated or can be supplied as a managed service.

The design and implementation of solutions

Once the needs of a client have been evaluated and their vulnerabilities determined, we design, implement, and maintain security and cybersecurity solutions for your Information Systems, implementing Firewall solutions, NGFW, UBA, SIEM, EDR, vulnerability life cycle management, IPAM, MDM, and End Point, etc.