Every company needs effective solutions to plan, expand, manage and maintain its ICT infrastructures, globally or locally.

Avanti21 helps you improve business productivity using both on-premise IT infrastructures and cloud based storage, capable of supporting and guaranteeing the correct operation of business applications. We are experts in combining different technologies to offer cutting-edge solutions.

Systems Consulting

New Technologies bring a vast catalogue of products within our reach, which make Consulting and Technology Advisory services key to any company.

At Avanti21 we act as consultants, making our clients aware of the possibilities offered by the current technological environment and we effectively plan the necessary steps that must be taken.

We guarantee that our advice will help your company find the best solution to its individual needs and we will make sure you make the most out of New Technologies.

Our experience in systems consulting helps us to establish the needs of our client and provide them with the most professional and specialised solutions on offer.

Hyperconverged Systems Solutions

Take advantage of high-performance smart solutions that boost your business. Quick to implement, scale, and also hyperefficient.

Today, companies are looking for ways to accelerate innovation and time. The benefits you get from hyperconvergence are versatile and efficient data storage capacity, speed and agility, flexible scalability, multi-cloud support, and support for variable workloads.

Avanti21 helps you streamline!


With the right infrastructure for data storage in place, generating value is important for your company. Avanti21 proposes object and file storage solutions that meet your needs, from an affordable NAS for file sharing to durable petabyte-scale storage for software-defined storage for Big Data.

Reduce security risks with native capabilities like deduplication, data encryption, sophisticated access controls, file access auditing, file immutability, and deletion prevention.

Backup Systems

Data is the engine that will drive your digital transformation and it is your most precious asset.

As the value and business importance of data increases, the challenge of protecting it becomes increasingly complex. During the confinement caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies started telecommuting, which has allowed hackers to take advantage of vulnerabilities in order to obtain information. Hybrid IT-based solutions require protecting our data centre applications and those that are hosted in CLOUD format.

At Avanti21 we help you implement multilevel backup services and policies to guarantee data recovery in any scenario.

It’s time to hit the racetrack and head down a smarter, safer route. Our solutions can help you achieve these goals.

Server and workstation virtualisation

Avanti21 offers you an extensive portfolio of server virtualisation solutions. Server virtualisation means fast deployment, performance at scale, efficient use of server and storage resources, and the ability to deliver high availability. Cloud servers, combined with a robust storage platform, can increase the agility, reliability, and scalability of mission-critical applications.

Our experience in VDI deployment environments and using applications from the best manufacturers of these technologies, such as VMware, Citrix and Microsoft, makes us the safest bet. We develop the entire cycle of study, implementation and execution of the project and the maintenance of the infrastructures through delegated administration services.

Printing services (MPCS)

Today, companies need to maximise the return on their investments. Outsourcing printing services with our HP solutions means cost reductions, optimisation of processes and services. HP Managed Print Services (MPS) stands out by applying direct and flexible contracts.

Managed Print Services solutions, HP Managed Print Services (MPS), are made up of a broad set of offerings provided in an advisory agreement. We leverage our experience and global reach to offer scalable imaging and printing solutions.

HP Managed Print Services, a winning strategy divided into 3 parts:

Optimizing the infrastructure allows us to place the optimal devices in the right place and therefore increase security and mobility.

It provides advantages which include efficiency and user satisfaction, reducing the visible and hidden costs of printing, in addition to image processing.

The end results include being able to optimise the size of your device fleet, increase network and fleet security, simplify printer management, and enhance printing standards and policies.

Managing your environment is an important part of managing, tracking, and simplifying your imaging and printing environment.

It enables IT and support staff, as well as end users, to work more efficiently.

Thus, you gain visibility into usage patterns and total printing costs, allow IT staff to focus on strategic projects, reduce technical support time through proactive alerts, maintain an optimised infrastructure, and improve accounting through access control solutions.

Improving workflows helps digitise and streamline paper-intensive business processes.

This gives is the major advantage of accelerating business results and increasing operational effectiveness.

You will be able to identify the digital processes that generate a greater return on investment, accelerate processes, minimise exceptions and human errors, reduce storage costs, simplify access to information, edit and personalise documents online, and allow reliable delivery. And let’s not forget, you also get the help of experts from the HP sector.